bioimageEven as a small, bubbly little girl growing up in a tiny town in Delaware, Julie knew that she was destined to be a performer. She began taking ballet and gymnastics at the tender age of seven, and had what she would later realize was a career defining moment very early on – at one of her dance recitals, Julie’s skirt fell down onstage in the middle of a number. Rather than run off the stage mortified, never to return to dance class again like many little girls might do, Julie kept her cool and learned what it takes to suceed in this business of show!

As she grew up, Julie was always busy taking more dance classes, performing in school musicals (Oklahoma was a favorite!), and having a blast singing out in glee club. After graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts, she moved to New York to start her career, and threw herself into both dance and acting with equal parts passion and work ethic.

Julie worked with renowned dance companies and was dance captain for Twyla Tharp in the Broadway show Movin’ Out. As she performed more and more, Julie longed to use her voice as the powerful instrument that it is, and found herself drawn to theatre for its ability to move the audience to feel deeply.

Having recently returned from California where she performed in B Street Theater’s production of the powerful play My Name is Asher Lev, Julie is now working frequently at The Barrow Group under Artistic Directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. While Julie’s warm and positive personality is usually evident upon first meeting her, colleagues also describe her as engaging, energetic, and no-nonsense. Her passion soars for serious dramatic work, dry comedic roles, and projects where she has the opportunity to showcase her warmth as a person and the high level of vulnerability she can bring to characters. One of her favorite artistic messages to share with audiences is: “It’s okay to be vulnerable, there’s so much strength in that.”