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Rehearsing Miss Julie with Endless River Arts!

Virtual film festivals with Alberto and the Concrete Jungle (see our excellent reviews below!).

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Critics Say:

“Voshell is dryly funny.”
-The New York Times

“Voshell stands out for her authoritative acting and dancing.”

Alberto and the Concrete Jungle is amusing fun…It is anchored by two brilliant lead actors in Santoni and Voshell, who bring charm and energy to their roles. Julie Voshell’s biting, acidic barbs and one-liners are hysterical, and she and Santoni share excellent chemistry.” -Film Threat

Alberto and the Concrete Jungle has two outstanding characters in the title character and Marina [Julie Voshell], a reporter whom he has much in common with. The two have a fabulous chemistry. The moments with Alberto and Marina on screen together are some of the best in the movie. The exchanges they have are laugh out loud funny.” -AIPT Comics